BR012 - Bitcoin Core, Mutiny Wallet, Core LN, Casa goes ETH & MORE ft. BentheCarman & Bitcoin Gandalf
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BR012 - Bitcoin Core, Mutiny Wallet, Core LN, Casa goes ETH & MORE ft. BentheCarman & Bitcoin Gandalf

8 Dec • 1hr 48m
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Show Notes

I'm joined by guests BentheCarman & Bitcoin Gandalf.

00:01:55 BinaryWatch is live! Follow the bot.
00:08:36 V4V (We're converts!)
00:09:26 Coinkite updates

Software Releases & Project Updates

00:10:20 Bitcoin Core version 24.0
00:26:59 Sparrow 1.7.1
00:28:56 Libwally Swift v0.0.7
00:30:11 BTC Pay Server 1.7.0
00:31:48 Fully Noded: The #nostrnode Tesftflight
00:32:09 lnd v0.15.5-beta
00:33:50 Core Lightning v22.11
00:46:11 BlueWallet LDK
00:46:29 eclair-v0.8.0
00:48:25 The Mempool Open Source Project™ v2.4.0
00:51:30 The Bitcoin Company adds support for on-chain payments
00:53:30 LiquidOps beta release
00:53:45 BDK 0.25.0

Project spotlight

00:54:57 SatsCrap
00:57:11 Hoseki Proof of Reserves
00:58:18 Satimoto
00:59:03 smartino
00:59:53 Mutiny Wallet
01:02:02 Wavlake


01:02:28 Thanks to everyone who streamed sats, and shoutout to our top boosters petar, vake, apemithrandir, adamcurry, pablof7z, yaeloss, ahanniga, nomadjoe & wolfbearclaw.


01:05:16 Benthecarmen got a lightning node running inside a phone's browser
01:05:40 Bahamas regulator confirms FTX asset seizure after hack accusation
01:09:26 Genesis Balance Sheet Reveals Web of Loans Across Silbert Empire
01:14:24 Questions over El Salvador Bitcoin transparency
01:16:01 Tornado Cash Developer Alexey Pertsev to Remain in Jail Until at Least Late February
01:16:07 Casa Supports Ethereum
01:22:52 Coinbase delists BCH, ETC, XLM & XRP
01:26:07 Blockstream launches bol2
01:27:52 Kids in El Salvador turning coins into sats
01:29:35 200,000 Bitcoin removed from exchanges in the last 30 days
01:29:54 Strike offers cross-border payments to Africans in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya
01:30:09 New Communication Protocol “Ibex” and Extended Protocol Suite
01:31:40 Chat GPT

Audience Questions

01:36:04 M0rry
01:40:13 M0rry


01:42:38 Phoenix


Legends of Lightning (Winner: LightSats, Runners Up: Mutiny & Saving Satoshi)


01:43:01 Upcoming Events

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value 4 value. good to see you are a changed man nvk. hopefully my sats helped. yours, Ape Mithrandir
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Quickly becoming one of my favorite pods! Your Value for Value episode finally convinced me to give Fountain a try. Cheers.
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