Ancient technology, UFOs and psyops with Zach Herbert.

Ancient technology, UFOs and psyops with Zach Herbert.

9 Mar • 1hr 25m
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Ancient technology, UFOs and psyops with Zach Herbert. Todays guest is Zach Herbert the CEO of Foundation devices  This show is a little different and not really bitcoin related but I really think you are going to enjoy it anyway.  After messaging each other back and fourth about ancient technology, UFOs and psyops, Zach and I decided to continue the conversation on the show. With everything going on in the world its clear we need real change, sometimes looking back gives us the best path forward. We spoke about Egypt, the pyramids, Tesla, production of energy and much more. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording.    Episodes mentioned during this show. Episode with Zach and Bitcoin QNA Episode on vaccines with Zach Episodes with Chief bitcoin   twitter - @zachherbert   twitter - @MaxBitbuybit twitter - @bitbuybitpod Website -     As always please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions.   Today you can exchange $1 for 4616 Sats (Sale ends soon.)   Thank you Foundation Devices for sponsoring the show.  Use code BITBUYBIT at check out for $10 off your purchase
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10 Apr
BRUH This is the shit I’m here for! Fuck bitcoin and the window licker labeller suppliers, kick em in the cunt 🖕More of this conspiracy mind shit please. NICE POD BRUV 🥷✌️
ohhhhh fuck! here he is. I thought you died. More conspiracy theory nut job (but actually correct) stuff to come. stay ungovernable and thanks for the support you fuck. 🏴‍☠️🖤
Not dead yet man I’m like Jack fucking Sparrow. Yea great pod mate makes a change from the bitcoin stuff, the guest was decent too he sounds like someone I shared a cell with once called female Phil he had no hair at all anywhere! she was like trying to catch a Seal at times. Catch ya poolside bro.
30,000 sats
15 Mar
fucking loved it. pretty sure we are all aliens. i mean have ya ever seen a birth? look at that mess
hahahah yep agreed. we are definitely the aliens. I’m sure others visit earth and just think 🤔….. nope.
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9 Mar
10,000 sats
1 May
love discussions about this stuff. Definitely something to fund in future just like millionaires of the 1800s built libraries
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10 Mar
more of this 💪
on it.
7,777 sats
11 Mar
the concept of a civilisation that gets destroyed and recreated every era was heavily used in The Three Body Problem sci fi book.
worth a read?
5,000 sats
10 Mar
great show. thanks for opening a new rabbit hole and hijacking this coming weekend 😂😂😂. cheers.
hahahahhaah hope you got lost in that rabbit hole. it’s a fun one
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15 Mar
best show around
thanks for the support 🖤🖤🖤🖤🏴‍☠️
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10 Mar
For the most part pretty fucking retarded 🤣 caught me off guard and almost spat my coffee
😂 facts be facts.
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10 Mar
love your recent content Max butttt I really love these rips the most. 😁 cheers Earthling and Zak!
these are my favourite type of shoes to do