Episode 17: Stablecoin Alchemy
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Episode 17: Stablecoin Alchemy

May 15 2022 • 1hr 9m
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Show Notes

Why are all financial markets down?
How to make $800 million ( breaking LUNA
Surprise, surprise! Do Kwon the Terra founder is a serial altcoiner ( involved in several failed projects
Other alt-coin/algo-coin constructions like neutrino ( are also crashing based on this broad panic
Arthur's take on stablecoins (
Bitmex's history of stablecoins (
Norwegian mining ban is reversed (
Sponsored by the Norwegian Communist party, wants non-market energy policy
> Ordinary households, companies and the public sector pay an electricity tax of $2.51 per kilowatt hour, the industry has a reduced electricity tax of around $0.07 per kilowatt hour.
Bitcoin Education
See Episode 16: Stablecoin Alchemy (
We were wrong about mining pool decentralization: it's more centralized and it's ok (
Cut off Bullish-on-sats boost from last week:
> The discussion got me thinking. What if my cloud provider, e.g., Linode, could present me with a Lightning invoice daily or weekly, instead of charging a credit card monthly? I’m not sure it’s as compelling a use case as paying for bits of media content, but I’m interested in your thoughts.
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Mentioned CoinOS ( as a potential solution to hosting wallets for the family
Tourquoise Fox mentioned bitcoin optech ( to keep track of bitcoin development
Value for Value
Podcasting 2.0 to support an indepenent podcasting ecosystem (
The Fountain ( podcast app
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2,222 sats
May 16 2022
I think the episode cut off! Was listening to the final chapter and it seemed to stop mid sentence. Anywho, great episode and great insights. Thanks fot the show!
1,000 sats
May 17 2022
Yes, Chris. It is True-Gtitts. I used to be Parker_G in the mumble room before you moved LUP to Sundays. You passed the pronunciation test! To answer Dad's question, I mine on a ryzen 3700 with 32 gigs of RAM. it is my main machine, I just spin the mining up when I'm not using it. I've been thinking about getting a raspberry pie to move my node over to. The cool thing about Monero is they encourage everyone to run their own node for extra privacy.
25 sats
Sep 17 2022
10 sats
Jul 14 2022