Episode 59: No Smart Money Here
Bitcoin Dad Pod

Episode 59: No Smart Money Here

14 Jan • 1hr 20m
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Show Notes

FTX Pre-Mortem Overview - SBF’s Substack (
Something in the Etherium space called Wire is insolvent (
Crypto lender Nexo is getting raided (, no one could have known!
Gemini getting sued by SEC for offering unregistered securities via Geminia Earn (
Arthur's last post about SBF ( relates to Gladstein's work on the IMF and Zoltan's view of Western and Asian political blocks
American banker on CBDCs (
New CPI Changes (
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7,777 sats
17 Jan
Found your pod through Fountain. Great high-signal content and fast becoming my favorite listen, alongside Matt Odell’s Citadel Dispatch and NVK’s Bitcoin Review. Keep up the good work!
5,000 sats
26 Jan
+1 for how to handle businesses use of Bitcoin.
2,600 sats
10 Apr
definitely need a business focused episode, it’s a lot broader pool of beneficiaries than you think, especially since there are people like me who help others without time to listen, knowledge to implement, or willingness to “fail” with their businesses financial situation, but they ARE interested in Bitcoin.
2,345 sats
20 Jan
mostly non-kyc on ramp? install blixt and burner apps, get cash, find btc atm that only needs phone #, wear hat and sunglasses, send sats to blixt, open lighting chan with blixt, robosats.
2,222 sats
18 Jan
I really enjoy listening to you Chris but your other shows are slightly too techy for me, so probably won't tune in regularly. My friend Petar told me about this show which is definitely more up my alley. Nice to boost you as well Bitcoin Dad!
18 Jan
369 sats
15 Jan