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Hog Story

Audio Waffles

May 10 2022 • 1hr 53m
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Hog Story #290 - Audio Waffles - Exec. Prods., nodebit, voidzero, SirSeatsitter, Sharky, Tyler B, Daniel White, Cbrooklyn112, NetNed, lavish, phifer, amducious, Dirty Jersey Whore, BlueDouche, Comic Strip Blogger, SirVo, Tom Starkweather - Carolyn and Fletcher discuss Cleopatra, The Blue Hole, The Freedom Tour, Red Sky, your voicemails and much more! I need my butter
Kentucky Derby Joke
Mike Tyson on Club Random
Buried Treasure in Texas?
Red Sky in China
The Blue Hole go to page 16
American Freedom Tour
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