Nik Oraevskiy - @BTCReserveHQ - A European Based Bitcoin Only Brokerage! #172

Nik Oraevskiy - @BTCReserveHQ - A European Based Bitcoin Only Brokerage! #172

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Today's guest in the show is Nik Oraevskiy from @BTCReserveHQ who are the latest #Bitcoin only brokerage service to open up in Europe. Start stacking with their app or sign up to their concierge service for larger buys!

Nik cannot be found on Twitter or any other social networks, so finding a #Bitcoin maxi pleb out of nowhere who had been building an awesome business was a great surprise!

Join Nik and I as we discuss him becoming a recent political refugee, where and why he chose his new country of residence and the challenges he has faced helping build this company!

A huge thanks to Nik and @BTCReserveHQ for coming on the show and sharing his story and vision of the services they are offering and what's next for their company!

I stand on the shoulders of giants, these guys are amazing.

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