Episode 64: Still Waiting for Constructive Feedback
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Episode 64: Still Waiting for Constructive Feedback

20 Feb • 1hr 15m
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Show Notes

Pretyflaco's fundraiser for Turkish earthquake relief (
SBF's mysterious bail bond guarantors ( were revealed to be ... family friends?
No independant examiner ( for the FTX fraud means no action against the many people who supported SBF and looted customer funds
But don't worry, SBF's VPN use ( is only for watching football, not looting FTX crypto wallets (
Lee Rainier, a crypto law professor and former Federal Reserve employee, testifies before the U.S. Senate ( banking comittee on why bitcoin should be banned
Fedi, a company based around Fedimint technology, Hackathon develops modules ( to create US dollar stable value in a fedimint
Creditors of Mt Gox, one of the first bitcoin exchanges, have an early payout option (
It was the biggest exchange failure ( in bitcoin history and many thought it would kill bitcoin
Pack it up, party's over, the Wall Street Journal, a pro-business newspaper, reveals that six developers control bitcoin ( /s
Article shows a lack of basic knowledge of how open source projects operate and bitcoin consensus works
Arthur may have called the bull market ( based on liquidity conditions
Lyn Alden's February newsletter ( covers
She also has a marvelous article on the US Federal Reserve's recent shift to operating at a loss (
Arthur has a view on trading based on financial system ( liquidity
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23 Feb
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8 Apr
fedimint is legit.
2,222 sats
20 Feb
Ah so it's those greedy productive poor/middle class people who are causing inflation, the real villains all along! Wow that's a messed up system ☹