528: Where's Your Data?
LINUX Unplugged

528: Where's Your Data?

18 Sep • 1hr 8m
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Show Notes

Today's theme is data sovereignty, and we'll check in with two crucial projects that are giving you more options. Special Guest: Noah Chelliah.


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19 Sep
This summer I switched over to Tailscale from OpenVPN and WireGuard after hearing all of the great stories on the show. Wow, what a homelab game changer! During my summer travels I had fast access to my LAN and setup Linode exit nodes when I needed them. I avoided the hotspot throttling limits with Easytether and a local exit node. I have been struggling to get Easytether working on Nixos. Thanks for the great show and this zip should be an easy one to find. Looking forward to the meetups!
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21 Sep
love the show
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18 Sep
European scepticism around the US security agencies including the NSA in my opinion stems from the quite wide authority given to such agencies without requiring a court order. In Denmark any wiretapping would require a court order - even for terror related cases. Authorities may need to act here and now in some cases and then ask for the court order in retrospect - with the risk of being denied such auth and thus loose whatever intelligence gathered. Boost amount is my post code.
21 Sep
NSA tapped other European countries through Denmark. I guess it didn’t require court order?
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23 Sep
Love the show. Linux Mint ftw! Sats are postal code in Norway.
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19 Sep
On the No Nix Challenge, saying something nice about a different Linux distro is easy, I say the Challenge's punishment should be having to say something good about windows.
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21 Sep
Speaking of Data Sovereignty, id love to know how i can close up my ports and just exit with Tailscale! Been using it for about a year after having some issues initially, but, has been great on the second go around. Cant wait for the meetuos next month!