56 - Michael Rosmer: The Multi-Grid Approach

56 - Michael Rosmer: The Multi-Grid Approach

The Watchman Privacy Podcast

Should one be off-grid or on multiple grids? Gabriel Custodiet asks this fundamental question to Michael Rosmer, the Offshore Citizen. Along the way they discuss countries that are uncorrelated, useful apps for international citizens, how common crypto is worldwide, how to get through immigration and customs smoothly, what regions of the world Michael avoids, and how to get started when offshoring.

Guest Links
→ https://offshorecitizen.net/
→ https://www.youtube.com/@OffshoreCitizen 
→ https://twitter.com/MichaelRosmer


→ https://watchmanprivacy.com (Yes: I offer consulting)
→ https://twitter.com/watchmanprivacy
→ https://escapethetechnocracy.com/

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→https://btcpay0.voltageapp.io/apps/3JDQDSj2rp56KDffH5sSZL19J1Lh/pos (BTC)



0:00 – Introduction
0:58 – Privacy benefits of internationalizing
5:02 – How to make big steps towards offshoring
11:22 – Off-grid or multiple grids?
17:59 – Which countries are uncorrelated?
27:07 – How can one find good advice for offshoring?
34:00 – At what point should one pay for advice?
39:14 – Best tools for international online businesses
46:01 – How common is crypto as money worldwide?
49:21 – Any regions of the world you avoid?
51:33 – How to get through immigration and customs smoothly?
55:42 – Final thoughts


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