Podcasting 2.0 Statistics | Is The V4V Ecosystem Growing?
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Podcasting 2.0 Statistics | Is The V4V Ecosystem Growing?

6 Sep • 42m
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Give me some stats ..... stat! In Ep#48 we're going to view some charts of the Podcasting 2.0 namespace adoption, reflect on where we've come from and realise why your end goals are ultimately more important than growth.Huge thanks to Chris Fisher, McIntosh, Steve Webb, Cole McCormick, The Golden Dragon & Cardboardgiraffe for supporting the show. What a week!15% of this episode is going to Ron Ploof for providing some very handy v4v graphs.Handy chart links: 4 Value Support:Boostagram: with Mere Mortals:Website:
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25 Sep
Another stellar episode Kyrin. Keep it up!
Thanks Steve, much appreciated!
10,000 sats
6 Sep
Great episode and outstanding use of chapter art for the graphs!
Thanks Adam, chapter art has been one of my favourite features since I started really getting into P2.0!
3,333 sats
6 Sep
Another great episode. Excited about where this new ecosystem is headed. I’m interested to know where are you getting the data on feed with value blocks from. I would like to post this on the Fountain socials.
Thanks Nick. It's the first link in the shownotes but I'll post it here and hopefully it will work:
6 Sep
Amazing, thanks Kyrin! Keep up the great work 👊
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6 Sep
Boost! Exciting that it has been growing for sure. On the v4v blog stuff, BeardedTek is akin to Dave Jones as he knows the code side and i just get the news out there and chat it up. Glad to hear that the last was so warming to you, keep up the great work
Thanks Mick. Always helpful to know these little tidbit info to flesh out what's going on!
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6 Sep
Test for Ron's split.