Episode 54: Neo-Colonialism vs Bitcoin
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Episode 54: Neo-Colonialism vs Bitcoin

10 Dec • 1hr 4m
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ECB staff threaten to strike over non-inflation adjusted wages (
Alex Gladstein's History of the IMF and World Bank ( is a bleak story of an ostensibly capitalist but practically imperialist world economic system
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> Chris mentioned that there are 72 Bitcoin currently locked in Lightning channels. The actual public Lightning capacity is closer to 5072 Bitcoin! This number doesn’t include private channel capacity so we can’t know the total number of Bitcoin on lightning.
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great show as always. what do you guys think about the futurebit Apollo node and miner? looks cool but a little pricey
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> Thank you for participating at and contributing to Adopting Bitcoin, Dad! Stoked to hear you'll come again and bring Chris with you in '23. PS: videos from the conference are available on (, cheers
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42,000 sats
12 Dec
Your analysis is spot on. The rabbit hole goes deeper. Neocolonialism all the way down. WorldBank's first borrower was France, conditioned on a domestic political intervention. France also around that time set up colonial fiat currencies that France has since manipulated to France's benefit at the expense of people using those currencies, even after those colonies gained "independence" as nations in the meantime, quietly stealing those countries' resources and the fruits of their people's labor.
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12 Dec
Duck Duck Duck Duck Goose!
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18 Dec
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12 Dec
great information
5,000 sats
14 Dec
Thank you for informing us about this serious problem of the IMF and the exploitation that surrounds it. God bless.
5,000 sats
24 Dec
I think I’ve listened to the episode about three times in the last three days now. While it’s not the first time I’ve heard about the IMF or World Bank, it’s the first time I’ve heard about them in real context. My first glimpse into this part of the economy was in a video by the YouTube channel Rare Earth (with Evan Hadfield) about the Bannana Republic. That video and this episode really challenged and changed my views on a lot of things, including the role the US plays in the world. Thank you!
1,111 sats
13 Dec
Sats are a little tight for me right now so I can't make big boosts but I'm still listening! I hope you can find a way to make the show sustainable and keep the episodes coming.
1,000 sats
13 Dec
Your discussion on the IMF reminded me of the book confessions of an economic hitman. Its an interesting autobiography from someone who was boots on the ground, check it out if you get the chance.
999 sats
12 Dec
500 sats
12 Dec
thanks dad
200 sats
12 Dec
200 sats
11 Dec
bitcoin a peaceful, leaderless revolution. now bring on the original economic hitman. John Perkins. he is not a bitcoiner though
101 sats
11 Dec