@TheMoneyTech - How I Got Rekt Mining #Bitcoin in 2017. #251

@TheMoneyTech - How I Got Rekt Mining #Bitcoin in 2017. #251

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Today’s guest on the show is @TheMoneyTech who joins me to talk about home mining and how he got rent in 2017.

Listen to @TheMoneyTech share his rabbit hole story and why he sold everything to go all-in on #Bitcoin mining at precisely the wrong time!

Why does @TheMoneyTech have empathy with the crazies who are controlling our monetary policy and is this actually the better tactic?

Will home miners be able to learn from @TheMoneyTech initial mistakes? Are we in a different time, will hash rate go up from here and how can plebs get into the home mining game?

A huge thank you to @TheMoneyTech for being so candid with his experience and please make sure to reach out to him if you have any further questions or want to talk #bitcoin!


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