60 - Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons with Carey Parker
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60 - Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons with Carey Parker

5 Apr • 58m
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Gabriel Custodiet speaks with Carey Parker of Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons. This highly practical episode covers a broad range of cybersecurity topics: antivirus software, email hygiene, medical privacy, preparing a device for disposal, IPv6, gauging website security, planting flags, signing in with Google and Apple, family privacy, and other digital privacy tips and tricks. Guest Links →    Watchman Privacy → (newsletter, consultation requests) → →   Privacy Courses (supports the show) → →   Monero Donation Address (If you can't see the whole string, double click in the middle to select all) →8829DiYwJ344peEM7SzUspMtgUWKAjGJRHmu4Q6R8kEWMpafiXPPNBkeRBhNPK6sw27urqqMYTWWXZrsX6BLRrj7HiooPAy   Please subscribe to and rate this podcast wherever you can to help it thrive. Thank you!  →  →   Timeline 0:00 – Introduction 1:01 – More important: security or privacy? 6:34 – What is asymmetric encryption and hashing? 12:40 – Should we use an antivirus? 17:55 – Email hygiene 21:58 – How to deal with newsletter subscriptions 24:10 – Can websites detect pasted text even if we don’t press “submit”? 27:02 – How to protect our medical privacy 30:38 – Rapid fire 34:18 – How to prepare a device for sale or disposal? 37:06 – How often should we restart devices? 38:48 – How to handle IPv6? 42:28 – How to gauge website reputation and security 46:08 – Planting flags 50:13 – Should we sign in with Google or Apple? 53:34 – Family privacy 56:42 – Final thoughts
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5 Apr
Gabriel you should interview @rehrar of CypherStack/StackWallet. he is building a very cool privacy focused bitcoin+monero wallet. it was the first (and only) wallet to successfully implement paynyms on iOS.
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7 Apr
Nice refresher on the basics!