Solo Rip 47
Talking In Bits

Solo Rip 47

20 May • 32m
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Show Notes

Back with Solo Rip 47:
-Start 9 Community tech program
- Oh, Ledger (Facepalm)

-Back door worries are fixed with Multisig
- Investor money drying up FUD 

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11,111 sats
20 May
oh snap! you haven’t been popping up on fountain the past month! I thought u took a break. seeing now it just didn’t download! weird! all my other shows been working. I’ll physically check from now on! but ur only show that hasn’t auto showed up I’m my que! weird!
3,333 sats
20 May
fountain! Fix da Glitch 🙌
1,000 sats
21 May
have a great Sunday
256 sats
24 May
Community Tech program sounds awesome. I applied, fingers crossed!