Episode 66: Bitcoin, HODL it tight
Bitcoin Dad Pod

Episode 66: Bitcoin, HODL it tight

6 Mar • 1hr 3m
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Show Notes

Pre-Show Bantz
SBF's going retro as the US Department of Justice proposes no smartphones ( or internet access as a bail condition
El Salvador is suddenly a wall street darling ( after repaying some outstanding debt
There has been reporting that El Salvador's civil servants haven't been paid...but hard to verify
Silvergate, a US regional bank turned into a crypto company banking provider, is probably closing its doors after shutting down ( its internal dollar payment network
More Tether fraud allegations ( from the Wall Street Journal, a newspaper, that speaks to current anti-crypto banking sentiment
Consider self-hosting your communication as discord policy rules ( are tightening restrictions including monetization
Simple-X-chat is an interesting private chat ( option that can be self-hosted
Bitcoin Education
Darthcoin helps Bluewallet users connect to their own lighting backend (, after Bluewallet shut down custodial lightning services
Bitcoin Optech #240 (
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