Solo Rip 36 ft. Car
Talking In Bits

Solo Rip 36 ft. Car

31 Dec • 49m
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Show Notes

Back with the last Solo Rip of the year, #36:
- Car of Thriller X joins me
- The year 2022
- Balancing responsabilty
- The future of Talking in Bits
- and more!!!

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20,000 sats
5 Jan
obsession is great until it doesnt work out. "is a dream a lie that dont come true, or is it something worse" springsteen
2,000 sats
31 Dec
thanks for having me on Jose!
31 Dec
you’re the man bro 🙏🏼⚡️
1,521 sats
31 Dec
Great rip. Loved the plate/lever part. Happy New Year! Happy Bitcoining.
300 sats
2 Jan
keep killin it enjpy the music and i like the solo rip interview fusion ⚡️⚡️⚡️
210 sats
31 Dec
I'm here for the solo rips. yeah, your interviews are good, but the solo rips, and the positive energy that they have, are why I listen. I'm looking forward to Talking in Bits in 2023, and hopefully i can shake your hand at a conference in the next year. P.S. Carr is a real one, too.
thanks brother
31 Dec
🤝 Happy New year ruler
The new ideas for the solo rips/ interviews sound great. LFG.