Episode 6: Touching hot stoves
Bitcoin Dad Pod

Episode 6: Touching hot stoves

Mar 27 2022 • 1hr 17m
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Algo-stablecoin Terra/Luna buying bitcoin with tether(?) ( to provide reserves against it's algo-stablecoin
Some explanation of the Terra/Luna ecosystem (
Understanding algo-coins (like MakerDAO) is complicated (
Just a touch of geo-politics
Lyn Alden's latest newsletter summarizes the macroeconomic changes ( brought by Covid,inflation, and bitoin
Apparently Russia is open to selling gas for bitcoin (
Russian Central Banker's resignation results in another 5 year term (
And a little economic history
Cigarettes as commodity money (
Self Custody Security
Hubspot data leak ( affects up to 30 bitcoin companies
Coinbase requires address verification for withdrawls ( for 3 countries
Hackers are compromising crypto exchange security ( by sim swaping and spearfishing crypto holders using leaked customer databases
Awesome Bitcoin Recomendations
The best bitcoin dashboard ( online
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> A listener wrote in to ask about mistakes we've made and how to avoid them
We suggest self custody with lots of testing and documentation
None today!
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500 sats
Apr 21 2022
Hey, Chris!
100 sats
Apr 1 2022
Love the podcast! Found a link on JB's Matrix chats and just took part in Chris's AMA. Wanted to show the show some love. You're talking about boosts *right now* as I play this episode. Cool!
100 sats
Apr 3 2022
This idea, "Why send $5 worth of Bitcoin when it might be worth more down the line.", seems kinda dumb to me. What's the difference if I just donate $5 fiat? Does the fact you're using BTC really matter? Would you worry over sending fiat because you could have bought yourself some BTC instead? Do you fret over whether Bitcoin Dad is going to take that fivver and buy himself BTC with it? If your sats are worth $5 when you send them, then what's the difference? Psychology? Sigh...
100 sats
Apr 3 2022
Just because I'm having so much fun with this... PEW PEW PEW!!! :-)
100 sats
23 Sep