Episode 146: Ad-a-Lytics
Podcasting 2.0

Episode 146: Ad-a-Lytics

15 Sep • 1hr 52m
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Podcasting 2.0 September 15th 2023 Episode 146: "Ad-a-Lytics"
Adam & Dave go from depression to exuberance in less than 30 minutes and celebrate blue skies and green pastures ahead!
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mAirList integration for library search
Roy to add v4v music and vts support
Apps that do lookups for podcasters
LNbeats export playlists to the index? - medium=music or playlist?
Splits talk
Why Musicians Are Broke and How to Fix It - YouTube
Splits creators are important
RemoteIDs can reference RemoteID's?
GUID's will become very critical
possible update to 'blocked' tag
Courtside Group, Inc. Common Stock (PODC) Stock Price, News, Quote & History - Yahoo Finance
IROH - Heaven Knows
MKUltra chat
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16 Sep
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17 Sep
Thank you so much Dave and Adam! This was my favorite board meeting to date! For ALL artists who are growing tired of the Wait Lake, v4v features are EASILY accessible to driven and talented individuals such as yourselves TODAY! DIY value agreements, interactive boostagrams with fan messages, AND MORE are accessible NOW! Want to retain FULL CONTROL of your VALUE? Don't Wait Lake a day longer! Ask someone in #HomegrownHits IRC channel how to Home Grow, WE'LL SHOW YOU THE WAY! 💚💜💚
Wait Lake LOL. I am grateful they helped kickstart this!
I wanna be clear too thats not a sleight or a complaint, just an observation. They owe a great deal of their hype and userbase to you directly and should be more responsive to adopting the model correctly as a result, but alas like y'all said they are beholden to their VC masters, not to the actual grassroots userbase where the enthusiasm is coming from.
The way I see it, Adam, you kickstarted them. Wavlake was around since before we made Stay Awhile but their model was even less exciting and nobody was using it. You are the only reason people are actually using Wavlake; you kickstarted the activity over there! Without Podcasting 2.0 and now Boostagram Ball Wavelake would still be some app nobody heard of.
18 Sep
Wait Lake 😂
33,333 sats
15 Sep
can't wait for V4V audio books
16 Sep
there is a new-ish v4v podcast called Axioms of Liberty that while is not a audiobook podcast per se, it is the host reading various books
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22 Sep
Howdy bitcoin lovers, Dave and Adam, Could you kindly ask your listeners to visit my blog at www Dot CSB Dot LOL ( www.CSB.LOL ) for my cartoons that do not feature baboons? If they have cartoon ideas for me to draw, they can tweet them to my Twitter handle (at CSB) @CSB. Please note that the handle is just three letters: "CSB". yo!, CSB.
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17 Sep
Dave, EFF walking back the nostr-gonorrhea wishes on the Bitcoin bros. The Bitcoin bros are ripping lines of coke off each other's butt cheeks while y'all Christianly turn the other cheek. I, on behalf of Dave and an apprehensive Adam, wish warty gonorrhea-filled boils on the Bitcoin bro's noses so they are reminded on every rip of their cheap coke that they are being carried on the shoulders of MFing lightning network giants, the Pod Sage and the Podfather. Also, Spicy Pod Sage is my favorite.
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21 Sep
Brainstorm..Now that chapters allow listener to navigate playback in many podcast 2.0 apps. has anyone created a "choose-your-own-adventure" style show where the host/narrator prompts audience to make a decision at various points and the listener proceeds to that specific chapter to continue? Just a thought this morning to share with group.
blimey! there's a rabbithole!
👍🏻 Very interesting idea!
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3 Oct
Board meeting #147 felt a bit obligatory and frankly, fell under the category of "meeting that could have been an email." Re-listened to #146 TWICE because I picked out a few exit strategies from it. Anyone with any aspiration to be someone in the Podcasting 2.0 ecosystem should listen to the episode at least a few times. Also, Spicy Podsage never gets old. I might have to train an AI on Dave's voice and have it recite the Christmas Vacation bonus rant.
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16 Sep
Rick Beato is that Youtube Musicians name, another great convo he had was with Ted Gioia called "A Warning On The Future Of Music". He understands the problems deeply, just doesn't know about the solution yet 😉
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16 Sep • Podcast Index
For Dave's awesome music taste.
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3 Oct
LOL listening to Dave wish gonorrhea on people will never get old. Literally in the top 5 moments of Podcasting 2.0.
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16 Sep
what strikes me odd in the nostr world is people cucking themselves over Dorsey, as if he wasnt running twitter when all the censoring began. throw some money around and I guess we see where people's values truly stand.
LOL cucking themselves over Dorsey. Same people who would make fun of you for 'talking to an imaginary dude with a white beard in the clouds' (believing in God) also would cream their jeans if Dorsey's beard dandruff got on their virtue-signaling-sticker-laden laptop. Nostr acolytes are just among the countless that fall into cults of personality instead of exercising the principles in the Bitcoin whitepaper.
3 Oct
yea that sounds about right
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16 Sep
dave is spot on with ancestral diets IMO.
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24 Sep
Awesome conversation. @dave I get your frustration over the BTC bros out there. They grew tiring. I'd also include in that bunch BTC maxis as well. Presuming all other coins out there are s**tcoins is toxic, doing the entire blockchain movement a huge disservice. There are some incredibly underrated projects out there bubbling to the surface that can work alongside, not against, the LN. Love the show, guys! ITM
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17 Sep
late but here you go. Go Ubuntu kde
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25 Sep
fabulous to still see the innovation after all these years!
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18 Sep
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20 Sep
i don't get the ipfs gateway problems. make a subdomain point your proxy to the URL. set ipfs config file to public address. gate way finished... the point is what Hase your node pinned.....
17 Sep
gonna share this on nostr. curious to see the reactions