Solo Rip 26
Talking In Bits

Solo Rip 26

22 Oct • 31m
Boost episode

Show Notes

Back with Solo Rip 26:
- Prime trust and getting your Bitcoin peer to peer
- Saylors eloquent bars (audio and video)
- Podcasting 2.0 self-custody players are coming!
And more...

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3,333 sats
22 Oct
Boost! Boost! Boost!
1,976 sats
22 Oct
Continuation of nickname suggestions.... On a slightly nerdy approach, we could run with the idea that listeners who stream Sats are "Voters" and Boosters are "Delegates ". Self-appointed Delegates but at least they're willing to step up and be heard. To be continued...
1,976 sats
22 Oct
Jumping on the Boost Train... Wanted to toss in a few nickname suggestions for supporters of Talking in Bits. I'll just throw a few names on the wall and see if any stick. How about "DeF Jammers" or "DeF Plebs" something along those lines. To be continued...
1,000 sats
24 Oct
420 sats
22 Oct
uncensorable lfg