#423: Retirement Funds In The Age Of Bitcoin with Matt Dines
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#423: Retirement Funds In The Age Of Bitcoin with Matt Dines

31 May • 2hr 12m
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Show Notes

Marty sits down with Matt Dines from Build to discuss the retirement landscape and how to handle a large scale transition to Bitcoin as a primary store of value.

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8:17 - What’s happening to retirement funds11:49 - Balance sheets of the American household26:23 - History of retirement accounts30:30 - The post-Covid financial landscape34:52 - Retirement account participation46:14 - Legislation isn’t the answer50:09 - Primary residence ownership and mortgage backed securities55:39 - Target Date Funds1:01:28 - US bond market selloff1:09:45 - Near-dated TDF vs inflation1:13:12 - Investment/retirement industry isn’t keeping up1:17:59 - Bridging the gap to Bitcoin with Build1:32:15 - Bitcoin lending1:46:36 - Unchained1:53:57 - Explaining the mindset2:02:31 - The flywheel of truth2:08:12 - Wrapping up

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31 May
Retirement funds? Hell no, brother. Ole Tip only gets hard for hard money!
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31 May
stay humble, stack sats
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1 Jun
Watch Rumble. Pat Cats.
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1 Jun
Great rip!
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2 Jun
great show! really learned a lot about credit markets and the bridge BTC can provide