BR013 - Mining Experts Roundtable ft. Steve Barbour & Harry Sudock
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BR013 - Mining Experts Roundtable ft. Steve Barbour & Harry Sudock

12 Dec • 2hr 1m
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Show Notes

I'm joined by guests Steve Barbour & Harry Sudock to discuss Bitcoin Mining.

Discussion Topics

00:03:42 The service miners provide
00:05:01 Current state of mining profitability
00:07:58 Mining supply chain issues
00:13:18 Profit and loss in the mining industry
00:17:05 Financing in the mining industry
00:29:07 Risk management in the mining industry
00:33:49 Fiat games, leverage, fractional reserves & rehypothecation
00:46:44 Cooling technology
00:55:15 Higherarchy of needs in mining hardware
00:56:41 PSU cost efficiency
01:00:55 Voltage dynamics in mining
01:03:11 ASICS and ASIC manufacturers
01:10:55 Geopolitical concerns and state actors
01:22:57 Is Tesla a shitcoin?
01:24:04 The evolution of the Bitcoin mining paradigm
01:29:25 Sustaining attacks on mining
01:31:54 Energy sources
01:37:27 Creative miner energy use ideas
01:40:51 Base layer, 2nd layers and custodians
01:42:57 Attack vectors
01:47:19 RBF controversy

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coinkite is a sauna apparel company disguised as a hardware company. few understand this.
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few. 😂
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stay humble,stack sats
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great discussion. i wish you had the full panel on. maybe do another one with everyone in a few months.
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NVK is my favorite comedian! Great episode🙏
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Great rip!
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that was a great conversation, really enjoyed it please do it again soon!
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