Episode 72: Cracked Critique
Bitcoin Dad Pod

Episode 72: Cracked Critique

17 Apr • 1hr 11m
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Show Notes

Sweden hikes taxes on datacenters ( bitcoin miners included
Riot Blockchain's critique of the NYT ('s latest anti-bitcoin mining ( article
A critique of Bitcoin's value proposition ( focuses on nitpiking the whitepaper but provides a good introcution to bitcoin's security model
The ETH Shanghai hardfork has enabled unstaking ( and the onchain activity suggests relatively high demand to hold for stakers
LIDO will not enable withdrawls ( but it seems like a reasonable technical schedule
Arthur Hayes, one of the BitMex founders, is shilling his investments in ETH staking infrastructure (, a variation of buying the first page of alts in a bull rise
Bitcoin Education
Bitcoin Optech #246 covers a new proposal for off chain lightning channel rebalancing ( that builds on channel factories
NOSTR education and an LNBits guide ( by friend of the show darthCoin
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20 Apr
stay humble, stack sats.
7,777 sats
19 Apr
Between nostr, stacker news and podcasting 2.0 i feel like lightning tips is taking on a life of its own. Dave Jones set up a site to estimate the total stats flowing through the podcasting portion of the ecosystem.
5,000 sats
20 Apr
we actually have to go on-line to choose our electric down here in TX and know a lot of otherwise smart people who chose the variable rate because they thought an emergency was such a low probability, but every year we have one. also, i got my BTC Pay server going, but start9 hasn't figured out an integrated rtun or open interface so i have to set one up on a raspberry pi, which == too much time. love the show, please setup a subscription model like the Survival podcast, I'm paying
5,000 sats
17 Apr
3,333 sats
17 Apr
Bitcoin Dad tuned into my humble podcast 🥰. You host with Fireside so I had a quick look at their features and I'm almost certain you can do episode art (I believe there is a cover art tab). If you're referring to the images/links in each chapter then you're out of luck. I briefly moved my RSS onto fireside but they didn't have that feature so I went over to Buzzsprout. Some of the other hosts also do this but the UI on Buzzsprout is probably the slickest from what I've seen! Long message 😬😬
2,222 sats
20 Apr
What if the top mining pools agreed to only build on their own and each other's blocks. Even if it's not one entity doing a 51% attack, each pool would find more blocks than before. Reminds me of something you talked about in the summer about miners trying to steal the previous block rather than working on the next block.
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17 Apr
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