Episode 68: Then they fight you[r bank]
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Episode 68: Then they fight you[r bank]

20 Mar ā€¢ 1hr 32m
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Show Notes

SBF, former CEO of crypto Ponzi scheme FTX, stole literally billions ( of customer deposits and investor funds
Forbes nails it again (
## News
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Signature Bank, the 'other' crypto-focused bank, has been nationalized ( along with Sillicon Valley Bank (SVB) per an FDIC announcement (
The US President was consulted
Signature Banks wasn't bankrupt (, it was nationalized as part of anti crypto-banking policy
Central Banks globally are panicked and announcing ( policy coordination
Can a bank be too safe ( Yes, according to the US Federal Reserve.
A history of account insurance limits ( by the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Lyn Alden's explainer on bank runs ( puts the last week of bank chaos into context
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12,345 sats
22 Mar
I love your break down of the ongoing banking crisis. Huge fan of Graphene and big fan of this show. Keep it coming.
11,111 sats
23 Mar
This was amazing!! So glad i found you guys, everything coming out of your mouths make so much sense. I really appreciate your effort in breaking down all these complex topics for dummies like me. Fast becoming one of my favourite podcasts.
5,000 sats
24 Mar
I'm setting up my BTC Pay server for myself and a couple other open minded farmers out here. I have not yet delved into setting up and managing a lightning channel, so I'm quite hesitant. is there a good solution this issue as on chain fees start climbing? I do not have the time to learn a bunch and maintain a liquidity balance that requires more than 15 min/week. thanks for your time and content, have a great week!
5,000 sats
20 Mar
I tried the time for money exchange with a start 9. unfortunately it's not an amazing time saver and I still don't have anything setup because it still requires a few hours to configure everything, which I lack between a full time job, family, and the farm. Still waiting on a true time saving solution.
100 sats
20 Mar
preshow boost