@omoemm_ - Creating #Bitcoin Educational Content In Other Languages. #196

@omoemm_ - Creating #Bitcoin Educational Content In Other Languages. #196

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Today's guest on the show is @omoemm_ a #Bitcoin pleb doing Satoshi's work by launching a French language-focused podcast!

Join Emmanuelle and I just a few days after walking out of his fiat job to concentrate solely on his already successful podcast.

How did he realise that the French native-speaking community was being left behind with regards to #Bitcoin education and what countries does he believe will benefit the most from his work?

Why do psychedelics interest Manu so much and how does it tie in with #bitcoin?

A huge thank you to @omoemm_ for coming on the show to share his journey and best of luck with everything you are trying to achieve!

I stand on the shoulders of giants, these guys are amazing.

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