Rabbit Hole Recap #255: The Debt Ceiling Does Not Exist
Rabbit Hole Recap

Rabbit Hole Recap #255: The Debt Ceiling Does Not Exist

1 Jun • 1hr 41m
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4:26 - Remember cheap burgers?8:51 - Dashboard13:28 - Keeper wallet16:35 - Debt ceiling19:57 - 30% mining tax out the window24:00 - National debt hockey stick28:18- Parker hops in to talk debt43:18 - New Swan partners46:27 - BitMEX grants47:35 - PyPi subpoena50:48 - Remember, RHR is an AI show now56:35 - Marty simps for Zucc57:54 - Umbrel Home1:00:44 - Boostagrams1:06:05 - Software updates1:20:24 - Mempools ain’t clearing1:25:39 - Last software update, btcpayserver1:29:16 - nsecBunker1:34:29 - Looking for stuff to talk about before wrapping up

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111,111 sats
3 Jun
I really appreciate the grit and integrity this show brings every week. It takes a lot of bravery to stick your neck out in today’s world like these 2 guys do on RHR, TFTC and Citadel Dispatch. I’d like to help in any way I can.
107,000 sats
8 Jun
Long overdue mega boost. Hearing Marty read out “pee pee poo poo” on air last show had me in pain from laughing too hard. My wife didn’t see the humor but she just doesn’t fucking get it. Thanks for the great shows, boys.
100,000 sats
1 Jun
staying humble
77,777 sats
6 Jun
Sam Orb Dude Can Scan My Brown Eye.
69,096 sats
4 Jun
Marty and Matt, first time boosting but been listening to you guys since the beginning of my journey down the bitcoin rabbit hole. Have learned a lot and appreciate all that you do. Matt, I can’t believe you haven’t heard of Bohemian Grove. Embrace your inner Marty Jones and look into it. Also, mempools WILL clear again.
66,666 sats
7 Jun
on Umbrel Home, love the ask for plug in turn key RAID storage! I’d buy in a heartbeat
55,555 sats
8 Jun
Stay humble, stack sats. Read "Mandibles"
55,555 sats
2 Jun
Matt… I love you
50,000 sats
1 Jun
we will win
50,000 sats
1 Jun
stay humble, stack sats
10,000 sats
5 Jun
stay humble
7,777 sats
2 Jun
God bless you both and your families
2,121 sats
4 Jun
To Matt Odell. If you pay for Fountain Premium, you get all transcripts for free. Odell mentioned that if you don’t use and claim podcasts as a Fountain-user with custodial (Fountain) wallet, instead of getting boost straight to your own node (like Citadel Dispatch), you don’t get free transcripts (like Marty with TFTC).
1,337 sats
2 Jun
Hey, Be Aware Freaks.
1,000 sats
17 Jun
stay humble stack sats. love the value you bring. can’t wait to listen to the next episode
611 sats
2 Jun
500 sats
4 Jun
got very excited when Marty announced he was going to read the top 4 boosts from 3 weeks ago (since my mega-boost was number 4 and it was skipped on the live show), but then to hear him only read the top 3…
500 sats
2 Jun
I 🧡 🐇🕳️
333 sats
3 Jun
100 sats
10 Jun