Episode 81: Regulation for Me, a Gatekeeper for Thee
Bitcoin Dad Pod

Episode 81: Regulation for Me, a Gatekeeper for Thee

28 May • 1hr 12m
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Show Notes

Bottlepay shuts down again (
High bitcoin fees are leading to an explosion of scaling ideas, including Barak the lightning slayer's ARK, an offchain private scaling solution (
Barak explains it deeply ( on the linux mailing list
WalletScrutiny has been taken down again ( due to a nuissance lawsuit
Must check resource before using a wallet (
US HoR Representative Tom Emmer ('s proposed Securities Clarity act ( is a shipcoin bill
OpenAI + WorldCoin, debunking ultra-scammer Sam Altman's agenda (
WorldCoin is built on Cosmos ( a plug and play VC blockchain solution
Worldcoin gitub repo is completely dead (
Get some context on OpenAI and ChatGPT by listening to Coder Radio 519: Not So OpenAI (
Economics and Banking
Evidence emerges that central banks around the world coordinated a 2008 manipulation ( of LIBOR
JP Morgan explains that the Fed helped design ( SOFOR, an easier to control alternative
LIBOR was killed due to a 2012 scandal ( where banks gamed LIBOR to make derivative returns
Bitcoin Education
Bitcoin Core v25 released with significant maintenance upgrades ( including higher witness data limits, better error messages, and more build options
Awesome Robostats ( guide
Bitcoin Optech #252 covers (
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13,000 sats
31 May
Moving away from fountain as its become unusable for me! here are my sats for being away so long and doing Satoshi's good work for helping bitcoin adoption.
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30 May
Door hinge won't start? Come on down to the Orange Mart! We've got everything you need to survive and thrive in Orange. Find out more at, that's orangemart with a dot between the m and the art.
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1 Jul
Thanks for the episode!
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29 May
ERC20 is the Conman Wonderland of the 20's.
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6 Jun
Are you running the audio through a silence trimmer? It seems unnaturally condensed.
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6 Jun
Are you running the audio through a silence trimmer? The voices seems condensed. First boost errored this is attempt 2
1,111 sats
29 May
Thanks for coming on the show Chris, we even managed to squeeze in a fair bit of Bitcoin talk in there. Splits and Satoshis are the future!
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28 May
Great show!