BCB033_PRESTON PYSH: The Fiat Cage
Blue Collar Bitcoin

BCB033_PRESTON PYSH: The Fiat Cage

Dec 5 2021 • 1hr 22m
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Preston Pysh, co-founder of the Investor’s Podcast Network, joins Josh & Dan to talk about Bitcoin.  Preston has had an enormous impact on the two of us.  He has a remarkable gift for taking complex topics and simplifying them for a general audience.  This 1.5 hour discussion is a must listen for anyone interested in improving their understanding of Bitcoin, human nature, and the world at large.  Preston has a contagious optimism for the future matched by few—this was a true honor.
We Cover:
Transition to Bitcoin
Societal Discontent
Yield Curve Control
Mark Cuban
Generosity and Karma

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Preston is the Co-Founder of The Investor’s Podcast Network.  He started his first show “We Study Billionaires” in 2014 with Co-Founder Stig Broderson.  In 2020 Preston pivoted into hosting his own show titled “Bitcoin Fundamentals,” a must listen for anyone interested in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Preston’s podcast comes out weekly, and it’s one the two of us NEVER miss.
If you are impressed by someone's knowledge, it's probably because they have an insatiable hunger and passion for learning. Preston is a notoriously voracious reader who inspires audiences to research, think critically, and trust but not verify.
The Investors Podcast Network
We Study Billionaires
Prestons recommended reading list

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