BCB090_CHECKMATE: Bitcoin Stands Alone (Ethereum vs. BTC)
Blue Collar Bitcoin

BCB090_CHECKMATE: Bitcoin Stands Alone (Ethereum vs. BTC)

26 Dec • 1hr 31m
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Show Notes

James Check (aka Checkmate), on-chain analyst from Glassnode, joins Josh and Dan to talk about the complicated knots Ethereum has drawn itself into, Bitcoin bear market, and Bitcoin’s blind spots.
Kite Surfing and Football (Soccer)
TA and On-Chain Analytics
Current Bear Market location
Ethereum–its issues after the Merge
How Stablecoins affect Ether
Steelmanning Bitcoin
Checkmate fully divested of Eth

Checkmate’s “Why the Ethereum merge is a monumental blunder”
Lyn Alden’s “The Problems with DeFi & Crypto”
Lyn Alden’s December newsletter

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