109. Is CO2 the Climate Control Knob? with Tom Nelson
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109. Is CO2 the Climate Control Knob? with Tom Nelson

Mar 28 2022 • 1hr 50m
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March 21st 2022.Is earth too hot? Is the weather getting worse? Are we experiencing a climate crisis? Is CO2 the control knob for the earth's climate? Is climate science basic physics? Do all scientists agree on these questions? Tom Nelson is an independent researcher who has spent many years studying these questions in-depth. He joins us to give us a rigorously researched perspective that contradicts the hysterical groupthink in fiat academia and media. He and Saifedean discuss how fiat funding of science creates incentives for groupthink and for bad ideas to survive unchallenged. They also talk about why fiat inflationism creates a strong incentive for researchers to support any pseudoscience that concludes you should avoid price-sensitive essential fuels in favor of less effective, cheaper alternatives.Resources:Tom on TwitterTom’s article Useful Notes for Climate Sceptics on SubstackThe Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change by Marc MoranoFake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom by Patrick MooreWatts Up with That blog by Anthony WattsThe Moral Case for Fossil Fuels by Alex EpsteinSteve McIntyre’s website Climate Audit website.The spiral structure of the Milky Way, cosmic rays, and ice age epochs on Earth by Shaviv, Nir J. and speech discussing the paper.Saifedean’s podcast episode with Patrick MooreSaifedean’s podcast episodes with Alex Epstein in Nov 2021 and Dec 2020, and his appearance on Alex’s Power Hour podcast.Saifedean’s first book, The Bitcoin StandardSaifedean’s second book, The Fiat Standard
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100 sats
17 Oct
ask anyone in the UK if they wish it get 1 degree cooler next year. It'll be a no everytime. The climate clowns cannot win this debate if it goes against the wants of a population.