@hodlwithLedn - @cryptonomista - Loaning Against #Bitcoin. # 175

@hodlwithLedn - @cryptonomista - Loaning Against #Bitcoin. # 175

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Today's guest on the show is Mauricio @cryptonomista who is the co-founder of @HodlwithLedn - A company that offers fiat loans against your #Bitcoin.

As the financialisation of #Bitcoin continues new services are being created that are directly linked to the worlds most pristine asset. Is placing some of your #Bitcoin as collateral for a fiat loan a service that you might be interested in exploring?

A huge thank you to @cryptonomista for coming on the show and sharing his experience building this product and where he sees it going.

Please do your own research into #Bitcoin loan opportunities and feel free to contact @cryptonomista @ElSultanbitcoin and @HodlwithLedn with any questions about their services!


I stand on the shoulders of giants, these guys are amazing.

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