EP93 Rodolfo & BQA talk bitcoin and freedom

EP93 Rodolfo & BQA talk bitcoin and freedom


I sat down with Rodolfo and BQA to talk bitcoin, cold card and freedom. 

Rodolfo is the CEO & Co-founder of Coinkite and has been involved in bitcoin since 2011.

He began building bitcoin-only hardware because there was nothing on the market that met his needs. Bitcoiners love the Coldcard hardware wallet and for good reason, When it comes to features, updates and security, nothing really comes close. The work ethic and thought that goes into the features we all love, is relentless.

The don’t trust verify ethos has never been more achievable than with features like dice rolls, for added entropy, and ability to verify software every step of the way. Everything you could possibly need to become a sovereign individual is available at Coinkite, including seed plates, cold power, micro SD’s and dice.

The Coldcard way is to strike a balance between hand holding its users to avoid loss while allowing users all the functionality they could possibly desire. They don’t dumb it down too much because they don’t want to keep their users dumb. This is a philosophy I love. Offer enough to test yourself and learn but make the barrier of entry broad enough to give as many people as possible a chance to embark on the journey. No, it might not the simplest option out there, and maybe this isn’t a product for you grandma, but that’s ok.

For the full feature and my attempt at an article visit https://21ism.com/portfolio-item/nvk/

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