@NobodyCaribou - Getting Raided By The Feds And Why Your Feet Are Fkd. #287
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@NobodyCaribou - Getting Raided By The Feds And Why Your Feet Are Fkd. #287

4 Oct • 2hr 2m
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Today's guest in the show is @NobodyCaribou who joins me to tell us how he was raided by the Feds during the Freedom Convoy and why your feet are fucked.

Why did @NobodyCaribou step up to help the Canadian truckers and distribute the #bitcoin to them?

How have we all fucked up our feet and what can we do to fix this?

What is his favourite thing about #bitcoin?

A huge thank you to @NobodyCaribou for coming n the show and for everything he is doing to fight for health, freedom and #bitcoin!

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5,000 sats
5 Oct
2,000 sats
8 Oct
Nick is just a great Bitcoiner. I’m a Stoa Maximalist and learned about Bitcoin from his videos. Great interview and great call to bring him on to tell his legendary story.
500 sats
5 Oct
I really enjoyed this episode Dan, What happened in Canada should not be forgotten and &Nobodycaribou is a hero. The foot health stuff also peaked my interest. Thank you,
500 sats
5 Oct
@nobodycaribou is a fascinating guy. Great chat.
420 sats
5 Oct
our man on the ground in Ottawa
121 sats
5 Oct
Another great one mate 🙏
21 sats
9 Oct
My knees are shot!
21 sats
6 Oct