102. Low Time Preference Aging with P.D. Mangan
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102. Low Time Preference Aging with P.D. Mangan

Feb 17 2022 • 2hr 3m
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In this episode, Saifedean talks to author and health coach P.D. Mangan about how to improve wellbeing and slow ageing through some simple diet and fitness practices. They discuss why humans have adapted to thrive on a meat-based and paleo diets, the flawed science used to support widely accepted government dietary guidelines, and why so many people fail in their attempts to lose weight, combat fatigue and improve their wellbeing. In the Q&A, P.D. answers questions on fasting, whether type II diabetes can be reversed and the environmental impact of monocrops. Visit to find out more about Saifedean’s experience following the carnivore diet.
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