The Value for Value segment ft Oscar Merry
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The Value for Value segment ft Oscar Merry

8 Mar • 1hr 10m
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Show Notes

In episode 94, we’re back with the CEO of Fountain App, Oscar Merry

We discuss:
1:31- Background
2:45- Activity feed on Fountain
12:00- Payment infrastructure update
19:30- Non-custody Fountain wallet?
24:00- Value for Value Equity
30:30- Fountain engaging podcast creators?
33:10- What hurdles are left for listeners and creators to onboard?
39:50- Determining the value
41:15- How are non-bitcoin podcasts doing?
44:20- Supporting other mediums
52:35- Is the ad model dying or gaining strength
56:00- AI and podcast
01:01- NOSTR

And more!
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210 sats
9 Mar
Great rip. We're so early to BTC and early to value for value.
100 sats
8 Mar
First 🥇