Talking In Bits- 001

Talking In Bits- 001

Talking In Bits

Welcome to my weekly segment Talking In Bits. Bitcoin is a new(er) way to transact money with anyone around the world and has become an effective way to store value.

Like most,  it took me years to understand the mission Bitcoin was on. The problems Bitcoin is trying to solve.

Every week I'll try to attempt to break down Bitcoin so you can take advantage of this once in a lifetime technology.

With money being printed at an alarming rate, inflation is stealing your wealth.

Bitcoin is the last train to Paris.


All opinions expressed by Jose Burgos or any of the guests on this show are solely their opinion and their opinion alone.

Their opinions do not reflect the opinions of any of the sponsors or other parties involved in the recording of this show.

Do not treat any opinion expressed by Jose as a specific endorsement to make a particular investment or follow a particular strategy.

His expression of his opinion on this show is purely for informational purposes.


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