Episode 49: Can't Stop Breaking BTCD
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Episode 49: Can't Stop Breaking BTCD

6 Nov • 49m
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Show Notes

Burak broke the lightning network ( again and the LNsploit ( team will steal your money
Consensus conflict caused by maxWitnessItemsPerInput (
Burak on Twitter (
Stronghold Digital trades miners to NYDIG ( for debt cancellation, check out CEO's Outfit (
Honkong and China's Dollar Problem (
Bank of England expects UK to fall into longest ever recession (
Wall Street Silver on Twitter: “Inflation came from nowhere” (
Lyn Alden: "This takes some time to manifest, but it will be interesting ("
Bitcoin Education
Validity rollups ( and their history
A meat and potatoes bitcoin optech (
bitcoin - Rust (
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Tuur Demeiester on Stephen Molyneux's online cult (
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The Adopting Bitcoin Conference ( Novem ber 15, 16 & 17, 2022 in El Salvador, use promo code BITCOINDAD for a 21% di scount
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7,777 sats
8 Nov
I like that zero people are "upset" that people are breaking the Lightning Network. Everyone see this as an uncomfortable but necessary learning experience to make the network stronger in the long run.
5,000 sats
25 Nov
5,000 sats
10 Nov
still listening while moving pigs at Smart Growth Farm:)
1,999 sats
10 Nov
Legalized corruption in the form of lobbying leads to corporate price gouging and creates inflationary pressure!!! Somone needs to tell Congress about that this because they seem stumped.
1,701 sats
12 Nov
I really enjoyed the energy section this episode!
1,000 sats
8 Nov
Wasn’t aware how app specific chapters are! I don’t have any in fountain 😟
250 sats
7 Nov