Basics_05: How Bitcoin Works (Proof of Work & Mining)

Basics_05: How Bitcoin Works (Proof of Work & Mining)

Blue Collar Bitcoin Podcast

Bitcoin Basics Series Episode 5. In this chat Daz, Seb, Dan & Josh dive into the mechanics of HOW Bitcoin mining works, and why it is so fundamental to the protocol. Proof of Work is the centerpiece to merging the physical and digital world. This is part 5 of a multipart series.

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Time Stamps:

03:00 - Intro chat

07:20 - Internet dog scams & the future of internet security

15:05 - What is Bitcoin Mining?

27:00 - Hashing, Blocks, Nonces

48:00 — Bitcoin’s REAL world connection & the halvings

55:00 — The Difficulty Adjustment & Bitcoin keeping its OWN time

01:11:00 — Proof of Work environmental impacts, energy implications & dismantling PoW FUD 




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