Episode 26: Sidechains for Sandwiches v2
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Episode 26: Sidechains for Sandwiches v2

Jul 4 2022 • 1hr 25m
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Show Notes

Pre-show Tease
A fancy blog post ( affinity scamming with Open Source Software and bitcoin to promote a valueless project that has crashed to nothing (
Compass Mining CEO and CFO ( resign - hosted mining has always been a sh*tshow
Previously lost control of customer ASICs ( in Russia
Ruben Smonsen receives a grant ( to work on spacechains (
Gillebrand-Loomis Github Bill Feedback is both perceptive ( and ridiculous (
Solana labs is making a web3 mobile phone ( is this a bottom or top signal?
A doom filled twitter thread ( sums up generally negative macro conditions
Where 80% of Global Energy ( Comes From
### Tokenomics
3ac ordered to liquidate ( by a BVI judge
FTX rumored to be aquiring BlockFI for $25m ( but Zac Prince, BlockFI CEO denies this (
Ledger adds rehypothication ( via Alchemy Earn
European custodial crypto transfers ( will be completely surveilled, but self-custody carveout remains for now
Coinbase is a surveillance company helping ICE and other 3 letter agencies ( perform warrentless surveillance on all their customers
nokyc: A script that lists all current Bisq offers in the terminal (
Bitcoin Education
The oracle problem as shown by the Chainlink 2.0 ( white paper
Bitcoin Optech #206 ( is mostly education links
The largest multisig quorums ( per address type
Bitcoin Core node block relay options (
Remember to get in touch or @bitcoindadpod on twitter
Consider joining the matrix channel ( using a matrix client like element (
Mischaracterizaiton of the FTX credit line/aquisition of BlockFI
Panic of 1907 callback
Value for Value
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Sponsors and Acknowledgements
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3,000 sats
Jul 8 2022
I would live to come see you two sometime! I rarely make it to Seattle (I'm a Spokanite) but I occasionally make it out for a concert or something. I enjoy my Monero node/mining, and am looking forward to my 2.0 setup I'm planning right now. currently I run it on my main rig, so anytime I want to use it I have to turn off the mining. However 2.0 will be a dedicated node rig, that I'll always have running, with mining also set up on that. I love randomly checking on it throughout the day :)
2,223 sats
Jul 10 2022
After yesterday's Rogers outage here in Canada, very happy to be a self-hoster watching stuff on jellyfin from my LAN and to not rely on debit for my banking. That a single ISP could take down the debit network really reminded me of your show and your discussions about centralised banking.
2,100 sats
Jul 5 2022
Enjoy the show.
2,100 sats
Jul 8 2022
Thanks for the show! I would like to see more sources cited in the show notes and on air, especially for controversial topics like energy.
706 sats
Jul 5 2022
500 sats
Jul 10 2022
So when is bitcoindad going to guest host on self hosted or be a guest on unplugged? He runs/ran quite a lab!
300 sats
Jul 8 2022
Oh, also I love how the show notes look better now. Don't know if that was changes on your end, or Fountain's, but it looks good!
100 sats
Jul 5 2022
Love the show. One of my new “go to” resources for reliable info and analysis regarding Bitcoin and macro economic/social commentary.
5 sats
Sep 12 2022
5 sats
Sep 12 2022
5 sats
Sep 12 2022