Episode 50: Effective Scam-Truism
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Episode 50: Effective Scam-Truism

13 Nov • 1hr 25m
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Show Notes

FTX is insolvent ( and Binance has declined to buy (
Lyn Alden thinks its a clownshow (
Apparently Tether escaped unscathed (
Novograts' Galaxy Digital Reveals $76.8M Exposure Linked to FTX (
SBF was pumping worthless FTT ( on twitter the whole time
How it went down (
Google gives Solana its kiss of death (
The greatest bitcoin 'hacker' in history gets his coins siezed (, but was he really a hacker?
Read the whole glorious, sad, terrifying saga on (
Bitcoin is dead (, throw in the towel
Global central bankers didn't get the message: 'don't fight the FED (
School yourself on crypto-ponzinomic fundamentals with Lyn Alden's piece Digital Alchemy (
Arthur has some choice quotes ( from Alameda Research's pill popping CEO from 2 years ago
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7,777 sats
14 Nov
Epic take down of this clown shoe! Let's only hope he rots behinds bars for good long while.
5,000 sats
21 Nov
spot on with pricing and space in your freezer. I'm tossing everything I have into BTC. inflation has processing costs up almost 9 cents each week the past 2 months. Thanks for supporting your local farmers!
2,121 sats
17 Nov
Thanks for the show! When verifying software, aren't you still trusting that the signature on the website is correct? I'm not saying not to bother but. Also, it's your show and you can read or not read any boost you want. Personally, I would vote that you don't entertain the Molyneux boosts. It's not what the show is about.
1,701 sats
19 Nov
thanks for the show, as always!
222 sats
19 Nov
I was unsure about sending in a nitpicky correction, but it's under the sat limit so you can decide if it's worth mentioning on the show. Hong Kong doesn't have the death penalty and actually has, more or less depending on who you ask, a separate legal system from Mainland China (this is because Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China). Anyone convicted of possessing drugs in Hong Kong is (only) liable to a fine and imprisonment (source: Cap.134 Dangerous Drugs Ordinance)
100 sats
14 Nov
Thanks for the information, very well presented.