Lightning doesn’t have to trend toward custodial ft. Evan Kaloudis
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Lightning doesn’t have to trend toward custodial ft. Evan Kaloudis

1 Feb • 1hr 6m
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Show Notes

In episode 90, we’re back with the creator of the non-custodial lightning wallet Zeus, Evan Kaloudis
- C.S background
- FOSS development
- Zeus wallet
- Fixing TOR issues with LNC
- Zeus POS update
- Onboarding Square merchants
- Echo podcast player
- 2023 review for Lightning

And more!
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3 Feb
Let's get this show revenue over 2M sats!
5,000 sats
9 Feb
booost for Zeus!!
4,444 sats
3 Feb
Not a LN superfan. just run one. zues is by far the best one ive used. thanks Evan.
250 sats
21 Feb
Great Show man! Evan is a beast!
210 sats
17 Sep
EVERYTHING!!! about this episode 🔥🧡
100 sats
21 Feb
People doesnt need to know everything under the hood. Only when you want to, only when you need to.100% agree