CD102: Bitcoin is the Best Money with Adam Back and Jack Mallers

CD102: Bitcoin is the Best Money with Adam Back and Jack Mallers

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TOPICS: Good Money vs Bad Money, Early Bitcoin History, Onboarding the Next Billion People, Silk Road, Anti Fragility, Energy

This chat was a continuation of our conversation on stage at Bitcoin 2023 to end the conference:

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(00:00:37) Introduction and bitcoin events

(00:02:11) Thanks to supporters and donation options

(00:04:20) Introduction of guests

(00:05:47) Discussion on the value of bitcoin

(00:19:30) Bitcoin as a savings technology

(00:27:17) Volatility and challenges in emerging markets

(00:38:14) Why bitcoin has been successful compared to previous attempts

(01:08:12) Volatility of bitcoin and its potential stability in the long term

(01:22:53) Onboarding the next billion users to bitcoin

(01:27:14) Different trade-offs in using exchanges and custodial lightning

(01:28:10) Liquid as a trade-off between centralized exchanges and noncustodial options

(01:29:44) Advantages and risks of using Liquid for trading and rebalancing Lightning channels

(02:09:29) Bitcoin's future and scalability

(02:10:26) The value of free markets and the maturity of bitcoin

(02:11:24) Disappointment in backtracking on bold predictions


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