Episode 69: Steady lads! Deploying more capital...
Bitcoin Dad Pod

Episode 69: Steady lads! Deploying more capital...

25 Mar • 1hr 23m
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Show Notes

SBF gave buddies at Modulu Capital nearly half a billion dollars of stolen funds, and they're giving it back (, guilty conscience?
Do Kwan, founder of crypto-scam Terra/Luna, has been arrested in Montenegro (
Coinbase, a U.S. cryto exchange, recieved a notice of impending legal action ( from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Comission (SEC)
They're also going after Justin Sun (, the founder of crypto scam Tron, among many other shady financial schemes
Lindsey Lohan promoted one of his scams and is also being charged
Great article about what a tool ( Justin Sun is
Hindenburg Research, an activist short selling investment firm, has published a report on Block (, a U.S. fintech company with a bitcoin focus
HR is an interesting business focused on attacking stock valuations ( by exposing fraud and generating negative media
Coinbase eyeing offshore exchange to escape US regulatory pressure (
Economics and Banking
The U.S. Federal Reserve, the world's primary Central Bank, will hit the gas and breaks at the same time ( in a bid to maintain 'credible' monetary policy
The real balance is acting serious on inflation while preventing blow ups on the balance sheets of bond holders
Central Banks globally are panicked and announcing ( policy coordination
The Economic Report of the (US) President has a whole chapter (PDF WARNING) ( on 'digital assets'
Bitcoin Education
Bitcoin Optech #243 has lots of software updates ( and new software release candidates
Xapo, a Gibralter based bank (, has built lighting integration
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222,222 sats
26 Mar
🔥 Baller boosting for visibility. Any serious bitcoin-only podcast fan should give this show a listen! Scorching 🔥
27 Mar
shining a light further down 🐇🕳️🤙
29 Mar
ay ay captn. will be thorough inspected.
you’re retarded.
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26 Mar
Found you guys a couple weeks back on this modern podcast app. I’ve been stacking for years. The recent (apparent) attack on BTC-off-ramp banks had my wife asking me about fiat off-ramps, in case this trend continues. I acted cool, and made a vague reference to Local Bitcoins & BTC ATM’s. I’ve focused on private stacking, and would like to maintain that privacy if liquidity requirements warrant some selling. Would you mind breaking down some ways to off-ramp privately to fiat?
5,000 sats
5 Jun
This episode makes me feel really great! :D /s I have purchased essentially all of my Bitcoin through Cash App. I really like their card because I can round up to the nearest dollar on purchases into Bitcoin, and I have it set to auto-buy 10% of deposits in Bitcoin. Now, I don't use this as my main card, and only add $ to it as needed, but this takedown of them really makes me second guess using them.
2,222 sats
29 Mar
Is that 1% number real for how much energy btc uses? It feels like there would be so many appliances and other inputs that there would be 300 things that all would be at 1% or more. How is it calculated?
2,000 sats
28 Mar
Loving the zeppelin dad pod. As for the Fed...oh the humanity....
2,000 sats
28 Mar
I found this Podcast this morning and can't turn it off. I've learned so much and everything I mean everything talked about is on point. I'm now a new fan and supporter. Thanks for the Podcast!
1,000 sats
2 Apr
Good Job Boys -@ghostofwhitman
500 sats
31 Mar
Great podcast. Just recently started getting into crypto. definitely learning ALOT lol. Love the information.
420 sats
26 Mar
100 sats
2 Apr
Found it on Fountain, banger show!
100 sats
30 Mar
This was my first exposure to your show and I enjoyed it. Good chat, fellas. I'm looking forward to future episodes 🤘
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2 Apr
Baller boosting for visibility. Any serious bitcoin-only podcast fan should give this show a listen! Scorching
100 sats
1 Apr
ive just downloaded this fountain podcast app amd found your podcast first and its very interesting to hear about all this stuff with btc scams and coinbase as i used to use coinbase
yo man