Not a Tool of Economics, but of War ft. Erik Cason
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Not a Tool of Economics, but of War ft. Erik Cason

Jul 6 2022 • 1hr 15m
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Show Notes

In episode 73, we're back with Erik Cason, we talk about
- Finding Bitcoin
- Early days of Coinbase
- Philosophy of Bitcoin vs shitcoin
- Difference between Politics vs political
- The use of Article 5 to amend the Constitution
- Bitcoin was the first social contract
- Fiat being a system of slavery
- Cryptography is a tool of war
- Bitcoin is messianic
- The most important inflection point in human history
- Nakomoto consensus
- Bitcoin is a transformative
- Bitcoin maximalism
- Monero’s bug is told as a feature
- The year 2032 (prediction)
- Anarcho-syndicalism
And more!

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10,000 sats
Jul 6 2022
Your guest makes some great points with a ton of passion. Thr Bitcoin Only crowd is filled with people who are seeking truth and honesty in money, plain and simple.
Jul 6 2022
I try only bringing on the most passionate, the most signal. I’m sure you’ve noticed, my plan is to do the opposite of the “influencers” in the space.
555 sats
Jul 9 2022
521 sats
Jul 6 2022
shitcoins = fiat brain
Jul 6 2022
500 sats
Jul 10 2022
nice one.
33 sats
Jul 10 2022
21 sats
Jul 10 2022
Erik is such a great guest. Love his perspective and energy he brings to every appearance 🔥 He reaffirms my bullishness and optimism for the future that we can overcome the fiat mess we've got ourselves in.
Jul 10 2022
20 sats
Jul 9 2022
Wow. Great and unique views on bitcoin. Specially that btc ritual with keys waiting for other keys holder 😂🔥 Great
4 sats
Jul 9 2022