Episode 74: A Checking Account to Rule Them All
Bitcoin Dad Pod

Episode 74: A Checking Account to Rule Them All

30 Apr • 1hr 12m
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Show Notes

Millions of dollars lost while moving through an airport ( contrasts with over $10 million in BTC ( was sent in 1 transaction this morning, and it cost the sender $5
Better update LND lightning nodes ( as it looks like a critical vulernability was discovered
The release lnd v0.16.1-beta ( notes
Crypto did not cause Signature, Silvergate and SVB collapses, and FTX exposure was minimal per a U.S. Congressional report (
The report ( istelf
Economics and Banking
The U.S.A.'s banking crisis is not over ( as First Republic limps on
A former FDIC official observes that the FDIC is broke ( after nationalizing Sillicon Valley Bank (SVB), Signature Bank, and Silvergate Bank
Arthur's baaaack and on fire with his latest blogpost ( on what a dollarized world is from a trade perspective and what comes next (gold then bitcoin?)
China's gold reserves (,of%20China%27s%20total%20official%20reserves) continue to rise, perhaps as an alternative escape hatch for trade surpluses
Lyn Alden is also back discussing the US debt ceiling ( and how it will interact with relativly illiquid financial markets
Bitcoin Education
How does a smaller bicoin node ( that uses more bandwidth sound? Meet utreexo (
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50,000 sats
1 May
The gold story made me LOL 😂
does anyone here who uses anchor know how to transfer to a lightning wallet, or is it not possible? I see on the anchor site it says it takes 2 weeks or up to two months to be able to transfer out, but I've had funds in here for longer than that and i'm having trouble finding a wallet I can easily transfer to. happy to throw some sats to someone who has a solution.
50,000 sats
30 Apr
Are you channeling J.R.R. Tolkien _lord of the rings_ in that episode title ? Are you accepting title nominations? Here’s one inspired by the Toronto heist and another inkling, CS Lewis, in _the great divorce_ more solid then gold
10,000 sats
4 May
Bitcoin Dad Pod is my new favorite bitcoin podcast. I think you guys do a great job of breaking down complex topics while still being entertaining, and the audio quality is excellent. Too many podcasts rely on zoom quality call-in guests rehashing the same old topics. Thanks for your hard work! Question: what do you think will be the tipping point for bringing normies to v4v platforms?
2,222 sats
2 May
I've noticed that Americans don't travel much outside of the country so tend to miss just how much a pain currency conversions are. Granted it's not a day to day expense but if you travel once a year USD would start to feel a lot less convenient.
2,222 sats
2 May
in the last year I've made a point of paying in BTC when ever possible, but I always replace those sats right away. might be a very inefficient way of buying something but I wish I could be payed in sats so if a vender accepts btc I think it's worth it to honor that for them.
2,000 sats
2 May
The rate hikes will continue until morale improves.
500 sats
2 May
Thank you. Great episode.
500 sats
10 May
This new node solution still wouldn’t work with the POS systems where I live, many (90%) of POS systems are still using dial up. And I live in Washington State.
256 sats
1 May
100 sats
1 May
US will Default. Assets will be frozen. USDC will bailout. Majority will be happy to get Assets back. the Poor will need USDC Bailout Assistance handout. 2024 Politics Dem will be socialist saviour; Rep will be let it fail as I've got mine and free market works ( for the strong. )
thanks for the content guys!