Episode 22: Interview: Crypto Mom, Attorney at Law
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Episode 22: Interview: Crypto Mom, Attorney at Law

Jun 18 2022 • 1hr 8m
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Crypto didn't, for reasons we all understand, crypto didn't act like a traditional industry, so instead of taking that time to come into compliance, crypto said 'hold my bear, watch me DeFi'
- Jill H. Williamson, a.k.a Crypto Mom
Get in touch with Jill via her website ( or linkedin (
Sec charges ( Poloniex Exchange for unregistered asset trading
Washington State charges Celsius for operating an unregistered money service ( business
Celsius' Terms of Use ( indicate they are aware that their products are likely notes or securities
There is ample legal precedent ( to define notes, or lending, as securities
The DAO Report ( is required reading for understanding the SEC's view on digital assets as securities
Value for Value
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3,690 sats
Jun 20 2022
super interesting. thanks for the work
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Jun 23 2022
Love the show, but I feel like the editing has some room for improvement. Half of the last word before a cut often doest make it. In this episode, Chris had three takes at the start of a sentence and the first two weren't cut out. I've noticed that in other episodes too. My 2¢ and some sats to ease the criticism (trying this boost again. Hopefully the lightening channel is sorted)
5 sats
Sep 13 2022
5 sats
Sep 13 2022