55: "Comatosis"
Curry and The Keeper

55: "Comatosis"

7 Sep • 1hr 22m
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Curry & The Keeper - September 6th 2023 Episode 55 - "Comatosis"

Art by: Craig Weinberg

Executive Producers: Karen Young - Steven Page
Associate Executive Producer: Dreb Scott
Salmon Yay's ---
Birthday dinner
Jake's loss
Phat Phoebe
Birthday cake
Zooming photos
Pool lights update
Fire ant fights
Lyft ride and falling face first
Go Deeper and How to pray
Tasting Room Goodies
The Wine

Bridge Church Fredericksburg Texas
3 Apps with purchase built in - MoonPay
PO Box 1849 - Fredericksburg Texas 78624

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50,000 sats
20 Sep
After hearing Brian’s boost on Show 55 I think he may have something here and you did not realize it. I want officially hire curry and the keeper dating consultants. lol love your guys show, love the journey you have been on. in the evening Todd….
33,444 sats
20 Sep
Thank you for coming back! I’ve been consoling a friend for a week. Please use these sats to buy some non-stick pans. I never want to see another picture of a chocolate covered cheeseburger of a cake. But that was a sweet effort. I’d actualy prefer a jacked up cake because it shows that you care beyond your capabilities. Boo boo cakes mean more!
33,333 sats
7 Sep
In the evening, lovebirds! In my journey to follow all of a Adam's podcasts, I'm so glad I found yours! You two are such a joy to listen to. Thanks for the opportunity to stalk you and live vicariously through you these last couple months. I find myself smiling or laughing during every episode. KTLD and I hope to meet you one day. Paul Hearn - Chesterfield, VA
33,015 sats
11 Sep
howdy Lovebirds, I'd like to recommend the YouTube channel of Konstantin Samoilov, a devout believer in God. Due to his opposition to the war on Ukraine, Konstantin fled from Russia to Uzbekistan with his second wife, children, and parents, ensuring freedom to voice his opinions compared to those still in Russia. He was married with children to a native-born American lady and lived in the USA so his Americanish is bueno. Check out his channel at: Yo!, CSB.
15,000 sats
12 Sep
Happy belated Adam!! Glad it was such a “lovely” day!! Told Tina already- but a light non fancy olive oil is totally fine in cakes and other recipes. NO vegetable oil. Remember, they are trying to kill us!! Speaking of, I need to get with you guys soon about getting K&C cattle…. Peace of Christ!! Love, Julie
11,000 sats
7 Sep
ITE Cork soakers, here are some of my Sats for your effort. groetjes van Sylvester uit Reading UK yes a Dutch expat traped in a Brexit world... please decant me 😀
6,969 sats
21 Sep
3,333 sats
7 Sep
Belated Happy Birthday Podfather.
1,008 sats
8 Sep
Adam, let the keeper know, you can substitute melted butter for oil😞 it will improve the flavor
777 sats
11 Sep
ITE! As a long time Adam listener, it's been awesome to hear him come to faith and then live it out day to day. Breaking my boost cherry with the Podfather seems apt. Thank you both for the show!
500 sats
12 Sep
“ I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through me”
500 sats
7 Sep
wat er ook gebeurt.! altijd blijven lachen..! ;)