Episode 34: Insiders Always Dump
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Episode 34: Insiders Always Dump

Aug 16 2022 • 1hr 10m
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Show Notes

Iran is now trading using cryptocurrency ( it's not known which one, but likely bitcoin
UN warns about cryptoization risks ( for developing countries
SEC and CTFC proposes more self reporting for crypto hedge funds (
OFAC sanctions Tornado Cash ( protocol on Etherium
Massive withdrawls ( from TC despite/because of sanctions
Tornado Cash Developer arrested in Amsterdam (
Possibly due to involvement with TC DAO
Targeting developers happened faster than we thought
MakerDAO Founder Calls on DAI to Drop Dollar Peg Amid Tornado Cash Fallout (
An explainer of Private Equity ( and inadvertently how it is a feature of peak fiat
Thoughts on BlackRock?
BlackRock Launches Spot Bitcoin Private Trust (
One wonders how this squares with all the ESG noise they have made? BlackRock CEO Stands Firm on ESG Investing (
BlackRock often credited as the "mother of ESG" How BlackRock Made ESG the Hottest Ticket on Wall Street - Bloomberg (
Insiders Always Dump ( by Nik Bhatia
Bitcoin Education
Bitcoin Optech #212 ( considers raising the dust limit (
Chris happy to see:
● Core Lightning #5071 adds a bookkeeper plugin that provides an accounting record of movements of bitcoins by the node running the plugin, including the ability to track the amount spent on fees. The merged PR includes several new RPC commands.
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10,000 sats
Aug 16 2022
Proving fiatjaf wrong one boost at a time. ✌️
2,222 sats
Aug 16 2022
i am very selective with any sats i part with but for the fact you are willing to return accidental boosts , i happily give you my ducks , you two do an amazing job !
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Aug 18 2022
if you play wordle before you boost, it is very easy to double boost.
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Aug 18 2022
trust me. I know. You guys might have talked about it on an episode I missed, but I am so confused about how fees work, or what a vbyte is, or how bitcoin has changed since 2010. Maybe in a future boost I will talk about how I bought bitcoin early, and then reformatted my computer forgetting about it.
1,701 sats
Aug 25 2022
Hello! I've been having a very busy and packed summer, so I haven't been able to boost in as often. Been recently catching up on my podcasts, since I've gotten a bit behind. If you were to do separate shows, I would prefer it to be a slow rollout, with certain topics eventually separating into their own shows. However, I still prefer the one show to rule them all monolith currently!
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Aug 21 2022
we love fiatjaf
1,000 sats
Aug 16 2022
Being sanctions counterproductive, what do you think are better alternatives?
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Aug 21 2022
500 sats
Aug 16 2022
I just mentally associate ETH with btc 'What IF' testing environment, ie "lets make all the mistakes and bad decisions here, so Bitcoin can see the results of those bad decisions"
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Aug 16 2022
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Aug 16 2022
Great insights on the problems with ETH. Makes me want to buy more BTC 💥💪
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Sep 5 2022
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Sep 8 2022
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Sep 8 2022
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Sep 8 2022