Episode 58: New Year, New FUD
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Episode 58: New Year, New FUD

9 Jan • 54m
Boost episode

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Pre-show Banter
Huobi Outflows Hit $60.9M in 24hrs, Inner Turmoil Reported at Exchange (
Castle Island VC's 2022 in review ( is bullish on institutional adoption
But why do companies always invest in altcoins?
What is it about bitcoin that 'frightens' them off?Untitled Episode
Starbucks and Chipotle accept digital payments ( via flexa ( which doesn't support BTC
What is the invcentive to loan Amazon $8bn ( at Lesfm from Pixabay
Self Hosted Show ( courtesy of Jupiter Broadcasting (
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4,200 sats
9 Jan
people who are dumb enough to eat at these fast food chains are the same who fall for shit coins. perfect audience match
4,000 sats
10 Jan
lots of talk about the fountain model. Hasn’t Brave had something like this for years to reward creators that opt in? is the difference the ecosystem of Brave vs the open nature of lightning?
3,690 sats
10 Jan
when the fee are very, very high. the mem pool full, very full. would it be possible to fall out of the mempool/transaction failed. when i do lets say a 1sat/vbyte transaction??? thanks for the work
2,223 sats
10 Jan
In further research, it seems LND may also require txindex=1 in the conf file. on another note, I would love a V4V episode: discussing how to handle from the business side, potential pitfalls, using it to reinvest in business, and tax implications.
1,864 sats
9 Jan
I find it hard seeing many in the tech podcasting space dismissing BTC and lumping all digital assets together as "scams". I know I could make some arguements against the things they say but I don't really have enough in depth knowledge and they can be so resistant that they are likely to just block anyone who says anything about it, especially if you own some yourself as that gives you a bias towards your investment. For now I've just adopted the first rule of Fight Club until things improve.
1,031 sats
9 Jan
Many thanks for making this podcast. I started with BTC in 2020 as a hobby but my wife got dollar signs in her eyes during the following bull run so we may have bought a bit too much at the top. I was also listening too much to the more investment leaning podcasts so did the rounds of exchanges and alts before finally getting shot of them all in favour of just stacking sats on my hardware wallet.
500 sats
9 Jan
another great show
169 sats
12 Jan
nailing the importance of the boosts. love it.. great show men..
Powerful and concise statements in this 1m clip