Episode 75: Reaction to Huw Pill
Bitcoin Dad Pod

Episode 75: Reaction to Huw Pill

3 May • 1hr 1m
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Show Notes

Who is Huw Pill?
Bank of England career page (
The 2% inflation target is not scientific ( it came from an off the cuff remark by a New Zealand official
The podcast in question (
Edward Chancellor's excellent book ( on financial panics
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9,000 sats
8 May
I can see where this is going. Bitcoin Dad Reacts Prank (Gone Wrong) (Gone Sexual) (Not Clickbait)
(police called)
8,888 sats
4 May
This was great. I would love to see bdad and Chris interview huw and his peers directly and really challenge their bs excuses and world views
3,600 sats
4 May
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3,333 sats
4 May
A silly man with a silly name saying silly things, thanks for the disection Dad.
2,222 sats
5 May
Ah yes the 2% Aussie inflation scheme for World Domination. All our plans are coming together muhahahaha 😈🇦🇺
1,144 sats
4 May
Great pod, Dad. I think it’s important to hear directly from the horse’s mouth. More shows should incorporate actual sound bites like this. Would love if you did this kind of pod more often!
500 sats
4 May
500 sats
7 May
great breakdown of the interview!
100 sats
4 May
muy buen episodio
100 sats
4 May
100 sats
5 May
very much enjoyed the breakdown and opinions. it's like two podcasts in one. plus the other content I would never have known happened/exists. more. thank you.