Episode #205 – NASCAR Equity – Randumb Thoughts Podcast
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Episode #205 – NASCAR Equity – Randumb Thoughts Podcast

Sep 21 2022 • 32m
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Why is Vladimir Putin threatening nukes? Why is the FBI ignoring child sex cases? How is the new NASCAR next generation car like America? Find out the answer to these questions and more on today’s Randumb Thoughts Podcast! Thank you for listening! EXECUTIVE PRODUCER:Johnny HipwellTHANK YOU! PLEASE SUPPORT RANDUMB THOUGHTS! SUBSCRIBE / DONATE: CHECK OUR … Continue reading "Episode #205 – NASCAR Equity – Randumb Thoughts Podcast"
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Sep 21 2022
Another loss in NASCAR suppling all the parts is it creates supplier monopoloies, and a serious lack of competition of manufacting testing extremes for what will become civilian market parts.
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Sep 23 2022